Our drones are being studied for the purpose of enhancing logistical capabilities of remote settlements in Kyrgyzstan forĀ 2017.


Currently our only surveillance service currently being developed involves the monitoring of farms(agriculture) under broad range of EM(Electro-Magnetic) sensors by utilizing a bundle of cameras such as Visible Light, Infrared and Ultraviolet Cameras all at the same time to measure the level of salinity, water saturation as well as infection of agriculture.

The above mentioned sensors can also easily be utilized to enhance security needs.


RoboticSolutions.Tech initially was founded with the intention of providing private drone security to governments as well as private clients. Due to a lack of demand the Security focus is now being shifted to civilian applications such as Emergency Services including Search and Rescue of lost items and persons (especially infants).

Other Civilian applications under the “Security” theme include the rapid response of the investigation of “UFOs” and other anomalies as well as maritime surveillance.

Other (Power Systems)

Currently under R&D is the possibility of using the power system of one of our drones to act as a portable (airborne between settlements) electrical generator supplying both A.C and D.C power to remote settlements.