Delta 2 Variable Blade Quadcopter with optional Electrical and Gas Versions. Video here shows the electrical version lifting empty gas tanks to simulate a gas version aerodynamically when it has no fuel left at a TOW of 7.2kg. As you can see it was able to hover for 14 minutes with no useful payload electrically.

Electrical Version

Dry Weight:                               5kg

MTOW:                                   20kg


1-6 x 2.2kg: 12s 10,000mah standard lipo; 2.6-7.9min to 15-47min

1-7 x 1.86kg: 12s 10,500mah enhanced li-ion; 2.7-8.2min to 19-57min


15kg (including batteries above)

lipol1: 2.6-7.9min: 12.8kg useful payload

lipol2: 5.2-15.8min: 10.6kg useful payload

lipol3: 7.8-24min: 8.4kg useful payload

lipol4 10-32min: 6.2kg useful payload

lipol5 13-40min: 4kg useful payload

lipol6: 16-47min: 1.8kg useful payload

li-ion1: 2.7-8.2min: 13kg useful payload

li-ion2: 5.4-16min:  11kg useful payload

li-ion3: 8.1-25min: 9kg useful payload

li-ion4:  11-33min: 8kg useful payload

li-ion5: 14-42min: 6kg useful payload

li-ion6:  16-50min:4kg useful payload

li-ion7: 19-57min: 2kg useful payload

Lift Force:                          25kg(245newtons)

Thrust to weight ratio:

1.25 at MTOW (2.45m/s/s maximum upward acceleration)

Gas Version still being tested, weight of engine and fuel consumption rate still being determined.