Delta 1


Onboard Gopro Hero Video of drone here

Dry weight: 1.6kg

Payload: 1.6kg

MTOW: 3.2kg

Maximum Lift Force: 3.6kg (35newtons)

Maximum Acceleration(MTOW): 1.2m/s/s upward, 11m/s/s horizontal, and 21m/s/s downward

Thrust to weight Ratio: 1.15

MTOW Battery Configurations:

Standard lipo: 3.3ah, 0.48kg

Useful Payload:1.1kg

Hover-Flight Time: 3-9min

Standard lipo: 10.4ah, 1.34kg

Useful Payload: 0.23kg

Hover-Flight Time: 10-30min

Enhanced Li Ion: 14ah, 1.24kg

Useful Payload: 0.33kg

Hover-Flight Time: 13-40min


Fuli 500